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Classic DW Commentary: The Movie

commentators:  Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, and Nicholas Briggs

(and may I just say, dear god in heaven Paul McGann has a sexy voice)


Nicholas:  It’s surprising the Doctor asks Grace to go with him at the end, considering she’s the one who murdered him!

Sylvester:  Well, she just got a newer and better model…I’m just saying that because Paul is here.

Paul:  Keep talkin’ dude.


(the three of them are chatting away, when the Doctor kisses Grace)

Sylvester:  Oh, the kiss, the infamous kiss!

Nicholas:  It was a bit dribble-y wasn’t it?

Paul:  It’s good they left the dribble in - maybe that was the contentious bit?  Oh, there’s another one!  Two kisses!

Nicholas:  There’s one at the end as well.  I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Paul:  The best things come in threes.

Sylvester:  Have Doctors been kissing since then?

Nicholas:  Yes!  All over the place.  You can’t stop them!


Nicholas:  There’s all sorts of things in old Doctor Who -

Sylvester:  Why do you look at me when you say “Old”?


Nicholas:  So, what about all the technical stuff you -

Paul:  I hated that wig.  I.  Hated.  It.

(Nicholas laughing)


(Eric Roberts comes out in full Time Lord regalia)

Paul:  Oh, look at that.  Are the stairs gonna light up as he comes down?


Sylvester:  The computers were supposed to go at the Millennium, weren’t they?  The computers were all going to die and everything?

Nicholas:  In real life, that was the thought.

Sylvester:  So Doctor Who quietly fixed that.

Nicholas:  That’s clearly what happened.

Sylvester:  The whole world was expecting it to stop, and it didn’t.  Thank you, Paul, for doing that.

Paul:  It was nothing.


Nicholas:  So, as the credits roll, any last thoughts, gentlemen?

Paul:  Happy days, McCoy.

Sylvester:  They were, they were terrific!

Paul:  I remember you playing the spoons on that big tough guy!

Sylvester:  Yeah, big tough guy came around and tried to terrorize us, and I just played the spoons all over him, and he melted!

Paul (laughing):  Works every time!

Sylvester:  That’s how you win a war, give everyone spoons!


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